Jun 28 • 1HR 9M

The Theatre in Community Project

Host Elizabeth Bruce Interviews Michael Oliver

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Elizabeth Bruce Michael Oliver
Welcome to Creativists in Dialogue, a podcast embracing the creative life, with your hosts Elizabeth Bruce and Michael Oliver. In this weekly podcast, we interview people from all walks of life about the role that creativity plays in shaping who they are. We explore creativity at both the practical level, and the process level. We also, on occasion, delve into the philosophical dimensions of creativity—that might have influenced a person’s life and work. Importantly, not all the people we interview are “Artists”—though some are—but they all live their creativity every day in their fields of expertise, their relationships, and beyond. In other words, we approach creativity as a vital force to a healthy life. Not only does it change the world but it changes who a person is and how they see themselves.
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Today, we are happy to launch the Theatre in Community podcast series that has been funded by a grant from the Community Culture and Heritage Program of HumanitiesDC.

We'll interview theatremakers in DC who created community-embedded theatre in our city from the 1970s to about 2019. We'll explore how the collective, collaborative art of theatre is infectious, encouraging creativity not only among its practitioners but also among all who experience it. Clearly, there are hundreds of people we could talk with, but we're going to launch the project with a small sampling of interviews with amazing theatre artists from each of these five decades.

To help with these rich conversations about theatre, we’ll provide a glossary of terms and names with each podcast (see below), which will deepen your understanding of DC's rich, recent theatrical history.

So, what do we mean by community-embedded theatre? A great question. And for that, we're going to turn to our own theatre expert, Robert Michael Oliver. In addition to being our co-host and a veteran poet, playwright, writer, director, actor, theater and cultural critic, educator, gardener, cook, father, husband, and all-round creativist, Michael is also a scholar with an MFA in directing from Virginia Tech and a Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Maryland.

His 2005 dissertation, National Theater or Public Theater, the Theatrical Geography of Washington DC, circa 1970 to 1990, delves deeply into this subject.

For more information on Michael, click here and here.



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