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A Theatre in Community Podcast: a Conversation with Thom Workman

A Theatre in Community Podcast: a Conversation with Thom Workman

With Hosts Elizabeth Bruce and Michael Oliver

Today, we present another Theatre in Community podcast, our conversation with longtime friend and theater colleague Thom Workman.

Thom is an actor, director, producer, visual artist, and mask maker, a lifelong educator and advocate for young men, particularly young men of color, and a husband, father, and wise elder and griot.

For 30-plus years, Thom has engaged in socially conscious stage and film work. He was formerly the Artistic Director of City at Peace and Associate Director of Everyday Theater, both of which received many awards. He's directed films and plays for his company, SunShip Productions, as well as for the Anacostia Oral History Project and Crossroads Theater Company.

A lifelong educator, Thom has facilitated theater workshops at Bethesda Academy of Dramatic Arts, the NAMES Project, City Lights School, and the I Have a Dream Foundation. For many years, he was a director in The Theater Lab's Life Stories Program, which included conceptualizing and co-directing “My Soul, Look Back, and Wonder”, a new work that was performed at the Kennedy Center and featured women residents at N Street Village who are in recovery.



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